Into the Depths


I have always struggled with blogs. Each started with the best of intentions and died with them. However, a new year should have a new beginning. I think  my mistake was in trying to separate out my interests and blog about each of them. Now, it’s time to try having one blog, to rule them all. One blog that will contain all my interests, from Pathfinder and DnD to gardening and witchery. From scifi fangirling to hardcore science talk. This blog will cover it all.

It’s strange, as a scientist, I have been taught to keep things short, sweet and to the point. There should be no unneeded words just to take up space, each sentence should share important information. Anything unnecessary is cut out and left to wither on the side. And while I agree with this to a certain point, it also has the side effect of making most science writing unapproachable by anyone not in the field (and sometimes even by those in the field). This is also heavily influenced by specific jargon used by each scientific discipline, and can lead to a rather dry read. However, a blog that is dry, jargon-heavy, and rather dense wouldn’t garner that many views. And so when writing this blog, I don’t have to cram information from three sentences into one, or sprinkle as many geo-specific words in there as I can. It’s okay to get a little wordy and introduce some flavor. Who cares if this one fact doesn’t necessarily have to do with the subject, if it’s interesting and can fit rather well? It’s okay to have fun with this! Otherwise, what’s really the point? I love efficiency, but sometimes a little prose is needed. So watch out, it’s going to get EXTREME in here.


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